Marcy Upright Mag Cycle

  • Upright exercise bike with smooth magnetic resistance system
  • 8 levels of preset resistance accommodates several fitness levels
  • Large console display tracks time, distance, speed, and calories burned
  • Counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps; transport wheels
  • Measures 31.5 x 48.75 x 18 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 43 pounds

Product Description
Marcy upright exercise bike has a compact design and smooth magnetic resistance. The user friendly computer tracks, speed, time, distance and calories burned. The bike also feature eight preset manual resistance levels and a step through Product Description
Getting fit at home has never been easier with the Marcy magnetic upright exercise bike. The cycle offers a smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system, with eight levels of preset res… More detail…>>
Marcy Upright Mag Cycle


5 Responses to “Marcy Upright Mag Cycle”

  1. R. Birkett Says:

    I don’t know why Marcy changed the model number on what was a great-selling and highly rated exercise bike on Amazon, and somehow managed to lose its 100+ mostly flattering reviews, but this looks and sounds exactly like the one I’ve been using 2-3 times per week for the last year-and-a-half. It works really well, and it is definitely worth the money. I’m in fairly decent shape and I use it at level 3 for 20-30 min. Level 8 would be really really hard for more than a few minutes. People who don’t find the tension difficult at level 8 either got a defective tensioner or had trouble installing it properly.

    The calorie expenditure readout also seems pretty accurate. The flaw, but not a fatal one: the uncomfortable seat, which could not be easily replaced with another one. I tried using a sheepskin cover, but that created its own problems. You probably just have to get used to it as I’ve tried and mostly succeeded doing. (And the seat doesn’t seem to bother everyone.)

    As for durability, it’s as quiet and smooth as when I first got it. I don’t stand on the pedals or the plastic chassis and neighbor kids are not allowed to play on it, etc. I treat it like it’s not very tough, although maybe it really is.

    Another interesting thing about this exercise bike is that the price has bounced around a lot from $99 to $200 and all over the map and now back down again to $107 with free shipping, at the moment. That makes this an excellent deal to me. I don’t know why the three or four other reviewers had such bad luck with it.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Devi Ever Says:

    Had to retighten screw holding handlebars after a while. Easily stripped and handle bars wouldn’t stay up there-after.

    Still used it sans-handlebars.

    After a few months of daily use, the right foot pedal came off. Not the plastic piece… the actual metal, where the plastic piece screws into, “ripped” apart this morning.

    God only knows what cheap allow the metal was made of for such a thing to happen.

    I had the bike for less than a year.

    As they say… you get what you pay for.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. B. Krone Says:

    This excersize bike is sturdy and not really hard to assemble. The pieces were well packaged so it was not damaged or anything when I got it. I put it together following the instructions (which also include some helpful stretching techniques in the back for before you start using the bike). I used the bike for 30 minutes the first day I had it and was fine. But the next day I woke up and my butt hurt SO BAD that I could barely sit on the bike again. I waited until my soreness went away, and bought a seat pad from Wal-Mart. This bike seat is 10 inches across and about 10 inches long. So, if you’re going to buy a bike seat pad make sure it’s big enough to fit that. Other than the seat, it’s a very nice and simple bike to work out on.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. James Miller Says:

    When mine arrived it had a crack in the plastic body. I decided that it wasn’t a big deal so I would just use it anyways. After putting the whole thing together, it turned out I had a defective tensioner, it was hardly a workout even at full intensity.

    So I returned it to amazon and got another one. Guess what? Exact same problems. Body was broken again, damaged during shipping along with one of the wheels was also broken in shipping ; and the tensioner was no good.

    Do yourself a favor and just buy a nicer bike that works.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Leeloo Says:

    I got this for my mom when she will come here to visit me. I’m using it sometimes, not bad at all.
    Someone said the seat is unconfortable. I don’t agree. For the price is a nice cycle but I want to see when
    my mom is gonna use it for 30-40 min a day how it will go.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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