Apex Deluxe Power Tower

  • Triangular base frame construction allows you to place the unit nearly into the corner of a room
  • Chin up bar contains multiple hand position grips for a varying degree of upper body exercise possibilities
  • Ergonomically angled VKR pads reduce stress to the shoulder rotator cuffs and also keep the forearms from slipping off the pads
  • Angled frame design keeps body secured against back pad and eliminates body sway when performing knee raises

Product Description
The APEX Deluxe Power Tower TC3502 is Deluxe Vertical Knee Raise power tower with durable gun metal gray powder coat finish. It has 2″ X 2 3/4 “, 14 gauge, tubular steel frame construction…. More detail…>>
Apex Deluxe Power Tower


One Response to “Apex Deluxe Power Tower”

  1. Nicholas Borgerson Says:

    The assembly process of this item is pretty straightforward, especially for a piece of exercise equipment. I had it fully assembled in about an hour. There were a few problems with bolts lining up and so my finished tower is missing two bolts. This shouldn’t be a problem because I only weigh about 150 pounds.

    The pull up bar is secured with two bolts, and the dip arms are secured with one bolt. This makes assembly easy, but the unit wobbles a bit when I’m using it, and I would be worried about letting anyone who weighs over 250 pounds use it, at least with the stock bolts.

    The power tower will fit snugly in a corner, with the arms in the down position. If you intend on doing pull ups, you may need to pull it out a bit from the corner of the wall because the arms will bump into the wall if try to put them up. I am currently using a piece a paracord to keep the arms up while I do pull ups (space is pretty tight in my apartment so I need to have it all the way in the corner).
    Rating: 4 / 5

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