Marcy 100-Pound Single Stack Home Gym

  • Solid steel protective shroud
  • Comfortable boxed style upholstery for added support
  • Dual movement press arm instantly changes from chest press to pectoral butterfly exercised without having to make any adjustments
  • Oversized, contoured foam roller pads add more comfort when doing leg exercises
  • All cables rated at 2000 lb. tensile strength

Product Description
The Marcy MWM-1509 Home Gym features a 100 lb selectorized weight stack allowing the user to exercise all major muscles groups in a compact space saving design and it has durable 14 gauge steel tubing construction with two-tone painted powder coat finish…. More detail…>>
Marcy 100-Pound Single Stack Home Gym


One Response to “Marcy 100-Pound Single Stack Home Gym”

  1. Scientist Says:

    In general, it is a quite good gym. Took me about 3 hours to assemble with my 3-year-old son (so, it may take less time for you). Assembly is quite straight-forward.

    The gym is relatively well-made, even though some of the welds could be done better. Seems like it will last for several years. Not sure about the padding, though.

    There are few weaknesses. First of all, I didn’t expect that 100-lb stack is so little. I am using all of the weight for many exercises and there is no way to add more weight. So, if you are not female, look for higher-weight gyms or the ones that can be expanded. Impex will not ship any more weight to you even if it is possible to add them. They just say “NO”.

    Another problem is with the lower cable. Firstly, if you do exercises in which you do not sit on the machine, it will lean back and may flip if you don’t have a wall behind it. So, you need to step on the small flaps on the front part of the lower-front part of the frame. This, however, creates another problem. Due to design, the cable, if pulled vertically or at a low angle (and most exercises require just that) the cable will be constantly rubbing against the leg developer and I am afraid that in addition to the black marks on the leg developer the rubber on the cable will be gone soon.
    After that, the metal cable will be rubbing against the leg developer.

    A minor problem is that the weights are not numbered. Therefore, you need to count when you set your desired weight or just use trial-and-error approach. In addition, setting the weight is done from the back, not the side, which is quite inconvenient if it stands next to the wall (you would need about 1 ft distance from the wall).

    Overall, I would buy at least the one with the heavier weight stack if I could.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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