Upright Fan Cycle

  • Unique air resistance system; simple and easy to use; the faster you pedal, the greater the resistance
  • Easy to use computer output includes time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan modes
  • Fan air flow provides a comfortable and cooling effect for the user
  • Dual action handles for total body workout; transport wheels; adjustable seat
  • 300lb weight capacity

Product Description
Marcy Classic Upright Fan Cycle. When you can’t hit the trails, hop on this workout warrior! Tone your legs and arms quickly on this Upright Fan Cycle! Using an air resistance system, this Cycle increases in difficulty as you pedal faster so you always get a good burn. And hey, the refreshing breeze is nice too! Features dual-action handles so you can pump your arms and legs for simultaneous movement. Has transport wheels so you can easily scoot the Cycle to a corne… More detail…>>
Upright Fan Cycle


One Response to “Upright Fan Cycle”

  1. Anthony P. Bruno Says:

    Back in January, I attempted to buy a fan bike from Amazon.com. They had a high quality bike that normally went for $220 that was marked down to $80. I went ahead and purchased it, happy with the fact I got a great deal. After a couple of days passed, I noticed that my credit card was not billed. I made several inquiries and I was told that Amazon didn’t have the bike in stock and my order was subsequently cancelled. They then offered me this bike as a replacement, though it was listed at $120. After several hours of complaining and threatening legal action (bait and switch), they finally relented and gave me the bike at $80 (though I now needed to pay tax and increased shipping). When the bike arrived, I must say I was disappointed…there was no resistance settings…one speed, all the time. No matter how I adjust the seat, the handles are too far away and I am forced to lean in an uncomfortable position to work the handles. I get absolutely no work out…instead a sore back from leaning over.

    This is the second time I found an item on Amazon that was a “great value” ($150 below invoice), and the second time I was unable to purchase the item even though I was told that I successfully purchased.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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